Cavalia Horse Production

The Cavalia show is currently in the greater Washington, D.C area, about a block from the Americana. The show coordinator booked about 300 room nights at the Hotel during the duration of the show. As part of this, we managed to get a few tickets to go see exactly what the show was all about. It was pretty cool for sure. Sam and I - Melinda and Robby all headed is over to the 3:00pm show today. They have over 60 horses in the Stable there, 28 being Stallions and the rest are geldings (which they defined as neutered males haha) . Just for the non-horse folk reading along, a gelding is properly refered to as a castrated male. You neuter dogs, you castrate horses. Anyways, I guess that is not super important, though I felt I needed to clarify. You are not suppose to take pictures during the show, so I only snuck a few (and without flash). Other people were also taking pictures, so I wasn't the only rule breaker.

Beach Photoshoot and Some Bridal Portraits
Photography by Kellee Whitehurst and Rebecca Rosin
Creative Editing by Marianne Elizabeth

Photoshop can be so much fun, and so time consuming. You can do such great things in it, however, I recently read an interesting quote somewhere that was discussing actions/textures "There is no action for bad photography". This is so true, you must start with a decent image, in order to achieve the best results in post processing.

Assistant Shooter

This weekend I was lucky enough to be able to be an assistant shooter at a wedding in Lusby, Md! I was in charge of shooting the Groom and groomsmen before the wedding and then I assisted during and after the wedding. Let me preface this by saying I was super nervous going into the event. I got this opportunity through Sam. He works with a gentlemen at his job that is a professional photographer. That is, when he is not taking care of a specific air plane.

David Robinson from was gracious enough to allow me to assist him on this wedding! All week leading up to the wedding, he answered my NUMEROUS questions, as I tried to prepare for the event. I have much learning to do yet still, I think I took a couple decent pictures (if you take 1000 you should get 1 or 2 good ones, dontcha think?!) I am very thankful for the experience I will be gaining while working with David!