A Sunday Drive in the Country and a Christmas Tree

After a great Gator win yesterday over that other Florida team (FSU), we decided today to head out to Purcellville, Va to get a Christmas tree. This will be our first tree that we picked out together for our house. Last year was hectic due to a right before Christmas trip to Florida, and a negative interaction with a deer on highway 121 (I still argue that it ran into me) . Moral of the story we never managed to get a tree. Well early Christmas morning (about 3:30 am) I went over to the motel to get the gifts and stopped at Melinda's house (my sister) on the way home and stole her 3 ft artificial tree for us. Sam never realized I had even left, and so when he got up Christmas morning, he was pleasantly surprised.

Fast forward to this year. We were determined to have a tree the entire holiday season, so today we went to get ours. Sam wanted to just go over to the BX which is about a mile away and get a tree, however Mom and I wanted to make a day of it, so the hubby grudgingly agreed. (We have this little agreement, his weekend day is Saturday and we do what he wants and my day is Sunday and we do what I want). So with a little pushing from me, Sam agreed to go. Mom and Melinda had went to a Christmas tree farm a couple years ago to cut their own tree, however this farm didn't have the kind of trees they wanted, and so they headed over to a place called Loudoun Nursery. Mom recommended we head on out to this nursery for our very own tree. It wasn't too bad of a drive and that part of Virginia is so beautiful!!

Upon arriving, the gentlemen asked us if we wanted to cut our own tree, however he didn't have any Frasier firs available to be cut, so we decided to just choose one from the already cut trees. We needed one in the 7-8 foot range. It is funny, because normally Mom and I are very picky about our trees like they say on Christmas Vacation, "it was an ugly tree anyway" well we do not want one of those trees. So, the usual routine is to have the Christmas tree stand attendant open up about every tree they have to make sure it is perfect in every way. Straight trunk, very full, tall enough (but not too tall for the angel to fit, Clark), and soft so that we know it will last at least until March or April. With that said, the guy was a good tree salesman, and we didn't even open one tree, we just grabbed one in the right height requirement and loaded 'er up. Well, all I can say is- it better not be an ugly tree! With the tree tied very securely (thanks honey) on the car we headed on out.

Well mom was driving, and it has been my parents hobby since I was about 8 years old to look at real estate, so we had to see a few of her "houses" out here while we were "so close". My parents never buy a place, they just house hunt as a hobby. Over the years, we have looked at so many places, yet they have never actually bought anything. They keep saying they are going to eventually purchase one, however I am curious what they will spend their time doing if that actually happens. Anyways, while on our drive out in the country we stopped by a few of her new properties of interest, and then headed on home. Sam fell asleep in the backseat for much of the trip, but it was still fun!

Next blog entry will have to be our newly decorated tree :) Or perhaps when the Gators beat ALABAMA next weekend :)

Until then.. here are some pictures from the DAY!

He is scary!

We didn't have the correct saw to cut the bottom of the tree off to absorb water