Coming Home

We left St. John's Island at 11:00 am on Saturday. It was a sad day. Our flight took off out of St. Thomas about 3:45 and let me tell you how that went. I shall preface this with the fact that I dislike flying with a passion. It used to not bother me, and I am not sure exactly why it does now, but perhaps there is something about not having any power to protect myself if something was to go wrong that really just does not sit right with me. Okay. So, we go through Duty Free and buy 6 bottles of liquor, that we now have to carry on along with all are other bags, so we get to the gate and start the "boarding" process (I hate this process. Too many people in too small a space ALL trying to SHOVE that over sized ROLLER BAG in the over head compartment, because they are trying to not give the STUPID airline company more of their money with the newly implemented bag fees) Sam and I arrive at our seats 13 A and B, and there is two other people just sitting down in the seats. Well, their tickets and our tickets assign the four of us to those two seats, greeeeattttt. So, we have to make our way down the aisle to the back of the plane to alert the flight attendant of this situation. They boarded this plane from the back doors and the front doors, so of course everyone was trying to go the opposite way that we were trying to go with 2 lap tops, camera bag, pillow, purse, and 6 bottles of liquor, wonderful. To make matters worse, we were missing the gator game during the ordeal, and then there weren't two seats together. So, I am ticked off at this point, and the flight attendant goes, "it is a full flight" and I said okay, and again she said "it is a full flight". I don't really care. The reason I booked my tickets together, was perhaps so I could actually sit with my husband, not 7 rows away. Ugh. If we operated this way at the hotel, we would shortly run out of customers. Geez, why do airlines get to be so annoying.

We landed in Ft. Lauderdale after a bit of turbulence and began running to the airport bar to see if we can catch the tail end of the Gator game, which we have been informed via our electronic device (which I think was not approved for use at the point my gator fanatic husband started texting to get an update) that it was tied 13-13 and there were about 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Well, rest assured, we rooted them on to a victory and caught the last leg of our flight into Washington.

They re-arranged our seats and we got to sit together so I was happier, because this flight was much more turbulent. We arrived, only to be rudely awakened by raining and 40 degrees. Can I go back to the islands, PLEASE?!

Yesterday, I enjoyed a relaxed birthday party that mom planned. My cousins and sister came over and we had some yummy lasagna and watched the worst team in the NFL (Redskins) lose once again. Ugh.... I will always be a fan, but these guys are really terrible (I blame their stupid owner, but that is another blog entry)

So, in closing, I am going to post some more pictures to remember our WONDERFUL week in paradise. It couldn't have been more perfect.