First Entry of 2010
"A New Decade

We are a week into 2010. Wow, can someone tell me where does the time go? It snowed in my hometown of Dunnellon, Florida last night/today which is a bit crazy. I think it snowed one time in Florida over the last 25 years (do not quote me on that though). Perhaps the political global warming hoax is going to change into the global cooling --> and the government will start warning of an ice age.

Christmas came and went in no time at all. Mom, like usual, was sick over her birthday and Christmas. I cooked Christmas dinner for the family (Mom, Dad, Sam, Gracie, Melinda, Jason, Robby, Jacob, Valancy, Dad, Jon, Aunt Bev, and Nick). We had prime rib, taters, green beans, cauliflower with cheese sauce, rolls, and a few other things here and there! It was pretty good! I have to admit I was rather proud of myself. It is not that I do not like to cook, or that I cannot cook, I enjoy it sometimes and I am good at it, but after working anywhere from 10-14 hours per day, I really just do not feel like cooking or going to the grocery store. Going to the grocery store is the worst thing. It is always so busy and generally a pain. Lately, however, mom has been staying with us, and she does not seem to mind going to the grocery store or cooking. She has been spoiling my husband, delivering him his meals to him while he relaxes on the couch. This is something he had better not start to expect.

For Christmas, Sam got me an amazing lens for my camera. This should really come in handy this spring/summer as I assist David Robinson of Aspect Photography with weddings. I am very excited about that, cannot wait to get that baby out there and capture some great pictures! I got Sam a new laptop, since his old one pre-dated me and had completely died. Christmas morning he opened that bad boy up; turned it on... nothing... they had conveniently forgotten to install Windows 7 operating system on it. Therefore, needless to say, we had to go back on the day after Christmas and get a new one! The screen on his laptop is 18.3 inches, and we cannot find a bag that it fits in, other than that though, it seems to be working pretty good!

For the New Year, my in-laws came to visit. Sam's Brother Clay his wife Patty and son Travis came up to DC and spent a few days with us. Unfortunately, I worked the first two days they were here, and got sick for the next two with some stomach bug, so I missed all the sightseeing. I did get to spend some time with them though every evening. It was great to see them, and I hope they come back before another year and a half has gone by. We love to have family come visit, and since we are in DC, it is nice for people that have not visited this area before. There is so much history and interesting things to do in DC that it is a great place to visit!

With the recession, travel has decreased and occupancy at the hotel has been down. We have been doing a bit of a renovation project to get the rooms looking good for the busy season (hoping there is a busy season)! I have been spending a bunch of my time at work, and not been doing as much with photography, however I know I have a couple weddings I will be assisting with, and I might even be taking some engagement pictures for a few of my cousins. My cousin Jon and his fiancée Stacey are getting married in July, so I might do some pictures for them. Matt proposed to Andrea over the holiday season, and she said yes, so there is a wedding in their future too! Sam's cousin Mandy is also getting married in July. Heather and Jeremy are approaching the 1 year out mark for their wedding! I do not know of any others at this time, but it is definitely going to be a season of weddings!

I am available for photography gigs. If you know anyone that would like me to take some pictures for them or if you read this and you would like to get pictures of children, pets, you, your parents, etc please do not hesitate to leave me a comment with contact information or email me at saycheesedc@gmail.com, I would love to! Until next time, thank you for stopping by my blog!