Three Doodles and Turkey Day!

So we went out to my Aunt Bev's house to celebrate Thanksgiving. Stacy and Jared had flown in from Colorado and they brought their new "POOCH!" home with them. Yes, his name is POOCH! (with the exclamation point). We watched football and ate some seriously yummy food! I honestly think Thanksgiving dinner is probably one of my favorite foods (all of it, even the cranberries). Aunt Beverly insisted we bring Bella and we couldn't disappoint our hostess, so I got up early and bathed her and combed out her hair, and along she came. Well, as everyone knows, she is CRAZY, so she began the fun by bleeding on the cream colored carpet from some cut on the pad of her paw :(. Great! We ended up having to put her in her crate due to the bleeding the running around the house like a maniac.

About 4 months ago, Aunt Bev got Cooper, her own miniature Golden doodle. Cooper is much smaller than Bella and is also much redder in color. Cooper seems to be slightly more mellow than our doodle bug.

The doodle fever continued to catch on, and Stacy and Jared recently added POOCH! to their household. Well, being the camera junkie that I am, I had to take a few pictures (oh about 200) to document his cuteness, and boy is he ever cute!

Currently, I am stuck at work right now, and November is one of the slowest month's for hotel rooms in the Washington, D.C area, so if anyone would like to come and visit the Nation's Capital just let me know, I can hook ya up with a pretty decent deal on room :) ( With that said, I had enough time to update my blog, since it has been so long!!

Thanksgiving is a time to be with family, and I am glad that I got to spend it with my hsuband, parents, brother, cousins, and canine family-- however Sam and I both missed all our family down in Florida and we hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We miss you all.


Here is a Picture of the other 2 doodles when they were cute pups like Pooch! The first is cooper and the second is Bella. She of course is the cutest of all (and no I am not biased :)


Bella girl