Palace on Paradise Island

Saturday, October 10 2009 we left the Nation's Capital for St. John's Island in the Caribbean. We were meeting up with our cousin's Stacy and Jared who moved to Denver in March of 2009. Upon arrival to St. Thomas and after checking in at the Westin lounge we were notified of the fact that our 3 bedroom Villa was all ready for check in. Let me just say we did not reserve a 3 bedroom 3.5 bath 3000 square foot private pool private jacuzzi VILLA, but we were GLADLY TAKE IT. Our room price was $173.00 plus tax and resort charges per night, the normal rate on this villa is $2050.00 per night before those other fees. We basically have been upgraded to the best place ever!

This island is so amazingly gorgeous. Sam told me we are moving here when he gets out of the Air Force :) The ocean is crystal clear and the beaches are sandy white. There are mountains and iguanas and cool Caribbean music. The people are American, however they drive on the wrong side of the road, and let me tell you that takes some getting used to.

I just wanted to write a short update of our vacay down here, however, I will share more later. It is time for the room service to be arriving :)