Cavalia Horse Production

The Cavalia show is currently in the greater Washington, D.C area, about a block from the Americana. The show coordinator booked about 300 room nights at the Hotel during the duration of the show. As part of this, we managed to get a few tickets to go see exactly what the show was all about. It was pretty cool for sure. Sam and I - Melinda and Robby all headed is over to the 3:00pm show today. They have over 60 horses in the Stable there, 28 being Stallions and the rest are geldings (which they defined as neutered males haha) . Just for the non-horse folk reading along, a gelding is properly refered to as a castrated male. You neuter dogs, you castrate horses. Anyways, I guess that is not super important, though I felt I needed to clarify. You are not suppose to take pictures during the show, so I only snuck a few (and without flash). Other people were also taking pictures, so I wasn't the only rule breaker.

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