A Sunday Afternoon
The other day after church Mom and me decided to head down to this little place called "Del Ray". Del Ray is a 100+ year old community within Alexandria, Virginia in the suburbs of Washington, DC. It has a main street (Mt. Vernon Ave) that runs north and south through the little community. There are many independent shops and restaurants. There is an ice cream and custard shop called "My Dairy Godmother" that has some seriously amazing deserts.

I need to put a little girl in this :)

After lunch at the evening star (which was pretty tasty I might say) I saw a children's boutique store with a fluffy white pettiskirt out front. I had to have it. I want to photography Valancy (my niece) in this so badly. If you go to a site called www.oopsydaisybaby.com you can see some of these skirts that are to die for!!! Oh my gosh the cuteness is just out of this world. Anyways, so I bought it, and due to a work week of about 68 hours, I have yet to put a kid in it!!!!!!!

While also down in Del Ray, I saw the perfect location for a photography studio. If I just was ready for that stage of my picture game, it would be perfect!

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