Sam, Gracie, Bella, and ME are heading up to UPSTATE New York on Friday!! I am so excited. This year would have been four years without visiting my favorite place in the world. Bullpoint is heaven on earth (with mosquitoes). Everything is so relaxing and beautiful. You really can get away from everything there... relax and unwind. I am very excited to share this special place with Sam and Gracie. Bullpoint will always mean the world to me. I not only spent every summer there since my mom was pregnant with me, but I truly believe the experiences and memories from there had an influence on the person I am today! So, with much enthusiasm, I can't wait to get to the Adirondacks this year!

Yay! SO excited you started a blog! Are you kidding- "no way with words?" Your first posts are great! And as for the "my life isnt exciting enough to warrant a blog"-- HELLO, one word: GRACIE! :) WHO wouldnt want to hear stories about and see pictures of that sweet girl?!?! :)
Have fun at "Bullpoint"-- looks amazing!

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