"Memories that will last a lifetime"
the view from our cabin

Sometimes, you know, I wish we had a pause button in life.


Traffic Jams

Rude City People

Starless nights

Dirty air

As I step back to reality, my mind wanders to our week in the Adirondacks, that in my opinion came to an abrupt end, far too soon. I hate to write two blogs on the same topic, but a place so gloriously majestic and undoubtedly alive as the Adirondacks, in particular Bull Point, warrants every bit of two entries.

Bull Point will always be a place I treasure in my heart. I really enjoyed sharing this place with Gracie and Sam this past week. We truly had a blast. Donnelly's ice creams, hiking to Deer Pong, Hazi, Go Fish, S'mores, Camp fires, Porch Dinners, Boating, Fishing (with a plastic butterfly), Bella, Swimming, Boat Rides, Knee Boarding, Attempted Skiing and Wake boarding, Deer, Family, Golf (for Sam!), Casino (for Me), and so many more things. I tried to find a quote about the Adirondacks that epitomized everything that 6 million acres embodies, however, I couldn't find one that really conveyed my feelings. It is paradise on earth.

Bull Point is rustic and old, it has seen many things over the years, if only the walls could talk, you better believe they would captivate any audience. The history of this Adirondack "camp" is very interesting. It was once owned by a very wealthy NY business man named Otto Kahn. It was quite an extraordinary place during its "hay day", however the peacefulness it offers its "guests" now; is what I love.

Leaving upstate is always hard, even more now then when I was a kid. Bull Point has attached itself to my heart strings over the years, and I will cherish the times spent there always. Each year when summer comes to a close and the cool autumn breeze picks up, I find that what lays so heavy on my heart is the uncertainties of not when I will return, but the ever foreboding IF. However, I pray that it remains exactly that, and the summer tradition of my generation is passed down to our children as it was for those before us, because it is truly the greatest place I have ever been.

~Marianne Elizabeth Smith ~

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