December 5, 2009

Florida Gators vs Alabama Roll Tide

Yesterday the snow came with a vengeance. It began as rain, however around 9:00 am the rain turned to snow and kept snowing most of the day. We had a big football party planned for the SEC championship game against Alabama. Sam and my cousin Matthew had made a bet at the beginning of the season that Florida would go to the National Championship game. The bet was for dinner at outback for four. Needless to say, Sam will be buying. The game began poorly and continued to get worse. Our poor gator boys got womped and stomped. The crowd consisted of a Tennessee Volunteer couple, a South Carolina Gamecock couple, a split Florida State/Virginia couple, another Tennessee fan, and then Mom, Sam and myself rooting for Florida. Matthew, being the FSU fan and P-I-T-A that he is rooted for 'Bama loudly the entire game. If you are a true Alabama fan, congratulations on the win, if you are not GET OFF THE BAND WAGON. Don't just root for 'Bama because your team was too pathetic to beat Florida yourselves!

Florida just didn't play well all day yesterday. Our receivers couldn't seem to catch the ball and I am not sure our defense even showed up. It is sad it had to end this way, after such an amazing season, however I guess we should be glad for such a great year. We have been fortunate the last few years with all our championships. Timmy it has been great these past four years, you surely are a class act and will be missed on the Gators from now on out.

I guess we can now look forward to a great dinner with Matt and Andrea ( on Sam's dime) and a sugar bowl appearance for the Gators! Thanks to everyone for coming over and hanging out with us for the game.

Next weekend we have Air Force Christmas party at the Gaylord Center which should be a bunch of fun!! Until then...


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