In this pocket you will find
A teensy, tiny tooth of mine.
So while I sleep where dreams are made,
Let's see if you can make a trade.
-author unknown

Gracie has been complaining to her Daddy about a loose tooth she had. She came over this evening to spend a fun filled weekend at our house, and we are starting it off right!

Let me give a little background. I loved loose teeth--loved yanking them out. As a kid, if I had a tooth that was even the TINIEST BIT loose, it was coming out that day, NO MATTER WHAT. Melinda felt very differently about her teeth. They could be hanging by a thread and she would leave them in there FOREVER. Well one night, I had a tooth I had been working on for about three hours, it was a tough one. At the very moment I popped that sucker out, it slipped out of hands and right down the drain. Needless to say, I felt devastated. All that hard work and energy wasted, because the tooth fairy certainly wouldn't come unless she would find a tooth under my pillow. Well, lucky for me, big sister Melinda had a bunch of teeth saved up, and so I cried around to my parents and they made her give me a tooth for under my pillow. Whew-- tragedy escaped!!!

Now, I will get back on track. Poor little Gracie has been suffering with this loose tooth for over a week now. That would have been tortuous for me, so I felt it only in her best interest to help her with this little issue, since Daddy didn't seem so inclined to pull that little sucker out. I told Gracie with a little wiggle here and there, it would be out, and the tooth fairy would be visiting our house tonight! She is quite the little trooper, let me tell you, we wiggled once or twice, she grimaced once or twice, and then one little tug and poof DONE! So if the tooth fairy is reading this blog, please know you have one little girl here that wants the "paper money" for all that pain and agony she endured oh so bravely. Oh, and we all know that the tooth fairy has quite a soft spot for this little girl :)

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